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Shuffling of officials done by Canada PM to handle the Donald Trump challenge

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Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister plans for promoting the earlier army commander while he shuffles the senior officials to assist and handle ties with administration of Trump, said by a source familiar with this matter on Tuesday.

Andrew Leslie, the Chief whip who assist the oversee members of ruling Liberal Party in House of Commons, also will make a member of exclusive cabinet committee on the relations of Canada-U.S., said a trustworthy source, who was asked to stay anonymous since the news is not yet made official.

Moreover, Canada also sends 75 percent of their exports to the US and can also be hurt badly if the President Donald Trump monitors through the promises to impose the import tax or to renegotiate the Free Trade Agreement of North America.

Leslie, who also has a rank of the lieutenant general, regulated the army of Canada from the year 2006 to the year 2010. A key reason to offer him a prominent role is the networks he has in the U.S. military.

The Mail and Globe, which initially reported the story, said Leslie, who knew the national security adviser of Trump, Michael Flynn, who also is the former lieutenant-general of army, and James Mattis, the retired Marine General and the nominee for the defence of U.S. secretary.

Trudeau announced last week that Chrystia Freeland, the Trade Minister will be the foreign minister, with some extra responsibility for the NAFTA and also ties with the U.S.

Freeland, the former business reporter having years of experience, even has great connections in the Washington.

Trudeau assistants and Canadian diplomats are trying to always persuade incoming team of Trump that both nations will suffer from key changes to trading relationship, given deep ties in between these economies.

“There are several Canadian jobs which mainly depend on market of the U.S., but there are even several American jobs which depend on the smooth flow and integration back and forth all across the border for services and goods,” said Trudeau.