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Watchdog group said they will sue President Donald Trump!

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A legal group of watchdog says they will file the lawsuit claiming that the President Donald is violating rules of Constitution by permitting the businesses to take payments from the foreign governments.

This group says that he is violating the clause in a Constitution which prohibits their businesses from getting anything of the value from foreign governments. Since they didn’t divest their businesses, they says that he is getting gifts from the foreign governments through the guests and through the events at his hotels, he also rents his buildings and other deals of real estate abroad.

Hope Hicks White House Director of Strategic Communications inquiries for Sheri Dillon, Trump attorney. Also, Hicks mentions in the email: “She is quite clear on such issue 2 weeks before and nothing is changed; also the president has no such conflicts.”

The watchdog group Citizens of liberal-funded for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington said that they planned for filing lawsuit in New York’s Southern District on Monday.

President Trump told Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister that the peace with Palestinians may be only negotiated between these two parties” and the U.S. will also work with Israel on this specific goal.

Netanyahu and Trump spoke on the phone on this Sunday, their initial conversation after the inauguration of Trump. The White House also said that Trump invited Netanyahu in early Feb for visiting Washington.

As per the White House, these two leaders also agreed to refer on the range of their regional issues, which also includes “threats by Iran.” They also said that the president affirmed his “extraordinary commitment to the security of Israel'” and the administration’s focus for countering terrorism.

Even Netanyahu had the frosty relationship along with predecessor of Trump, former President Obama, and also has up to now spoken positively about new leader of the U.S.



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