Kathleen Wynne’s Criticism of Kevin O’Leary is Just Ludicrous

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Add Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to the list of many who want to take a shot at Kevin O’Leary.

Since the billionaire Shark Tank investor decided to join the race, many in the political establishment feel threatened by his presence and are choosing to attack him for his entertainment background. The current list of such politicians included many of his Conservative opponents. But now even Wynne has taken her gloves off.

But this is most bizarre. The criticism by O’Leary’s Conservative opponents is understandable. They need votes, which they can only get by discrediting rival candidates. But the Ontario Premier had absolutely no reason to do so.

Wynne’s letter

In a recent open letter, Wynne rebuked O’Leary’s claim that the US State Michigan was doing better than Ontario when it came to the automobile sector. She reminded O’Leary that Ontario was still ahead. But the investor was quick in his reply when he pointed out that Trump would lower corporate taxes in Michigan rendering Ontario’s auto sector uncompetitive.

However, the most surprising aspect of the letter was the concern that she pretended to show for the Ontario’s middle class. She criticized O’Leary because he “doesn’t seem to be worried about middle-income families who are feeling insecure.”

Wynne’s middle class credentials

The notion that Kathleen Wynne can find the gall to criticize someone else for their elitism or disconnect with the middle class is truly outrageous. Has she even looked at her recent poll numbers? She has the lowest popularity of any Premier in history.

And it’s only because of one reason. Wynne doesn’t understand the pain of the middle class. With her recent measures like the hydro bill and the rising tax suggest that she doesn’t care at all about the middle class. By choosing to criticize O’Leary, she’s ending up exposing her own weaknesses. The same thing happened to Trump’s opponents who chose to use him as a punching bag.

It looks like history is repeating itself.


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