Kathleen Wynne’s Popularity Has Stunningly Hit Rock Bottom

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It won’t take a political genius to guess that Kathleen Wynne is not one of the most popular leaders in the country at the moment. But just how unpopular she really is can surprise even the most astute observers. At present, she is at the lowest point in her political career, even by her own low standards.

If we analyze the polling data from various different sources, we come to the conclusion that a mere 13 to 16 percent of Ontario’s voters actually support her and approve of the job she has done since she was elected. It is, in the words of a pollster at Forum Research, “the lowest value we have ever recorded for a sitting premier.”

What makes her so disliked?

If there was one of her policies that dropped her poll numbers the most, it has to undoubtedly be hydro. Under Wynne’s Liberal government, hydro prices in Ontario skyrocketed and the average consumers found themselves under the crippling burden of monthly hydro bills which, for some, cost even more than their mortgage.

Hydro may be the biggest reason for Wynne’s unpopularity. It is, however, by no means the only one. From bad governance to rising taxes, the list of her government’s shortcomings is seemingly endless.

Wynne’s elitism

A lot of the respondents in the online surveys came up similar responses when asked why they don’t like Wynne. Many of them believed that she is out of touch with the common individuals. This says two things about Wynne.

First, many people agree on some of the most basic reasons that make Wynne unpopular. This means that there are major failures in her policies and politics. Also, the people of Ontario are definitely suffering under the Liberal government.

Second, and more importantly, Wynne’s elitism will be the cause of her eventual downfall.