BREAKING: Police Shut Down Racist CBC Event 

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Police have been called to a hate propaganda event held by the CBC and paid for by the taxpayers.

CBC marketplace used an actor to sell T-Shirts that said “white power” and “Make Canada Great Again” as an experiment to see how many Canadians are racist. 

From simcoe:

Nottawasaga OPP media relations officer Const. Harry Lawrenson confirmed the detachment put an end to the film shoot on Jan. 11 after receiving complaints from a couple of residents.

“When our officer arrived, (one complainant) went absolutely ballistic on these people,” he said. “So our officer determined it was a public disturbance and decided to shut it down.”

Lawrenson said selling T-shirts with the phrase “white power” isn’t illegal.

“While it’s hurtful to many people, it’s not crossing a line in terms of hate propaganda,” he said.

CBC used the event to test “The Trump Effect in Canada” and says there has been a 600 percent increase in online behaviour from Canadians because of Trump. 

For myself, I wonder if it’s because of Justin Trudeau? 

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