Trump Bans Muslim Refugees Until They Figure Out What The Hell Is Going On

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President Donald Trump promised to ban all Muslim refugees until “we figure out what the hell is going on” during his campaign trail. 

This promise became popular while America was bombarded by Islamic crimes throughout and before the campaign. 

Trump kept his promise and signed executive orders to ban all refugees for 4 months, and indefinitely stopped all refugees from Syria. 

From CTV

Trump’s order barred all refugees from entering the U.S. for four months, and indefinitely halted any from Syria. He said the ban was needed to keep out “radical Islamic terrorists.”

The next group of refugees was due to arrive in the U.S. on Monday, but the official said they would not be allowed into the country.

The president’s order immediately suspended for four months a program that last year resettled in the U.S. roughly 85,000 people displaced by war, political oppression, hunger and religious prejudice. An immediately 90-day ban was put in place for all immigration to the U.S. from the seven Muslim majority nations.

Trump’s order singled out Syrians for the most aggressive ban, ordering that anyone from that country, including those fleeing civil war, are indefinitely blocked from coming to the U.S.

“We want to ensure that we are not admitting into our country the very threats our soldiers are fighting overseas,” Trump said as he signed the order at the Pentagon. “We only want to admit those into our country who will support our country and love deeply our people.”

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