Notley Must Step Down Immediately, More Jobs Killed

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Ever since Rachel Notley got elected jobs have been killed across the province, thousands of jobs, construction, oilfield jobs, retail jobs, and many more. 

No one wants to move to Alberta anymore due to higher costs on everything from gasoline to milk in your local grocery store from the recent carbon tax bills, therefore there’s no need to build new roads or new homes. 

Oilfield jobs and construction jobs are being killed on a daily basis, usually work in Alberta slows down for April and May for what many call as spring breakup, but it’s only January and thousands are already feeling the pressure. 

All this due to the NDP’s policies and their strong impose on carbon tax, just recently a construction company in Calgary has announced that they will be closing their doors March 31, 2017. 

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Keystone Excavating Ltd. has announced it is closing its doors, saying it can’t continue to provide the same quality of work “within the macro business environment in Alberta.”

“The macro business environment has everything to do with gratuitous government policy, increasing cost of doing business in Alberta, and lack of consumer and investor confidence,” the company said in a statement.

150 direct jobs will be lost here, but the exact number of indirect jobs is unknown at this point, it could be in the thousands. 

If Alberta has any chance to survive, Rachel Notley must step down immediately, share this message if you agree.