BREAKING: Muslim Riot Happening In Toronto NOW

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EDITORIAL: (Riot) a disturbance of the public peace by three or more persons acting together in a disrupting and tumultuous manner in carrying out their private purposes.

A Muslim community in Toronto is protesting “discriminatory” zoning by-law, which mean they want to worship in a place prohibited due to unsafe construction zones and places for workers to perform their construction duties in industrial areas. 

Some reports say hundreds are gathers and aggressively loud protesting is going on right now. 

CTV reports:

Hundreds of members of the Muslim community showed up at city hall on Wednesday to protest what they are calling a “discriminatory” zoning by-law, which prohibits religious institutions and faith-based community centres from operating on designated employment lands.

The city declared the Sakinah Community Center on Birchmount Road unsafe last January and ordered that it stop operating as a place of worship until improvements were made.

Officials with the community centre subsequently tried to get the order removed but ran into roadblocks after learning that a 2013 amendment to the zoning code prohibited places of worship and schools from being operated on designated employment lands.

Muslim communities want their own place of worship because it’s cheaper and more affordable in prohibited areas. 

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