Calgary Mayor Wants Mass Short-Term Refugees Brought In From Trump Ban

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The Mayor of Calgary is fired up on the recent ban Donald Trump put in place for refugees coming into America.

Not only did Trudeau welcome refugees on twitter, but so did Calgary Mayor Nenshi in a statement.

“If the trend in the world right now is to close minds and close borders, then let us buck that trend,” Nenshi said Tuesday at a community event. “These are people in desperate need, that are fleeing violence and terror.”

The Trudeau government has restricted the privately-sponsored refugees per year to 1000.

“In the short term, the federal government needs to lift those restrictions . . . 1,000 is a very small number,” Nenshi said Tuesday.

”And in the long-term, let’s create some clear strategies,” he added, stressing that Canada will benefit by remaining open to citizens from around the world, including those banned from entering the U.S., many of whom are highly skilled and highly educated.

“This can be a turning point in our nation in terms of capitalizing on talent.”

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