Infrastructure Money Missing, Budget Watchdog Goes After Trudeau

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The Liberal government has been exposed by the parliament budget watchdog for failing to update infrastructure spending. 

Either the money is missing or the Trudeau government is behind on paperwork, the report from the budget watchdog has been released.

TC reported:

The report released this morning from the parliamentary budget office says that of the $13.6 billion in infrastructure money slated to be spent between 2016 and 2018, departments have only identified $4.6-billion worth of projects.

The report says departments have committed to spending all the allocated money by next year, but the data show “there remains a significant gap” to meeting that target.

It means there is a serious risk of the government not realizing its economic growth projections, which would have an impact on federal finances.

This could cause serious consequences for the Trudeau government and many Canadians, the money is not being spent fast enough, therefore creating poverty for thousands. 

Where is the money being spent? Or is it missing?