Notley Says Alberta Is Willing To Take More Refugees 

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Alberta premier Rachel Notley becomes a lunatic once again. 

In response to Donald Trump’s refugee ban for seven countries Notley said Alberta is more than willing to take on more refugees. 

Calgary Sun reports:

 Alberta is able and willing to take in more refugees if the federal government raises the number Canada takes in, Premier Rachel Notley said Wednesday.

In response to President Donald Trump’s refugee ban, both the federal NDP and Mayor Naheed Nenshi have called on Ottawa to lift the cap on the number of Syrian refugees allowed into the country.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted on Saturday that Canada will remain open to those fleeing persecution but his Liberal government has taken no action to increase refugee numbers, though it has offered temporary residence status to travellers stranded because of Trump’s order.

Alberta is facing poverty with Notley’s attempt at taxing locals to more than the limit of survival, people are struggling to pay bills amid falling oil prices and work being delayed.

Foreign investors have moved away from Alberta as there’s no more need to invest in Alberta, Alberta used to be a powerhouse created my oilfield action over the last 50 years. 

Rachel Notley has killed the last opportunity Albertans have and now with more refugees to come there will be even less jobs and economy for this once great province. 

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