UNEDITED VIDEO: Did Trudeau Set Up The Quebec Mosque Shooting?

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Six people dead in a Quebec mosque shooting on Sunday evening during prayers. 

So far Alexandre Bissonnette is the only suspect, Bissonnette was named by the media as right-wing lunatic who committed a terrorist attack on Muslim because he was a Trump fan. That’s their “facts” so far. 

Watch the video and read the questions below. 

Many questions remain unanswered and people want to know, here is some of the questions that need answers. 

1. Trudeau met with Aga Khan over holidays for what purpose? Could it be to coordinate a terrorist attack on Canadian soil which would make the Muslims look like victims?

2. Trudeau was on the other side of the country when this happened, why? To create an alibi?

3. Trudeau almost immediately called this a terror attack whereas he has not shown that kind of quick response for the boston bombing, fort mac fires or any other important issue.

4. This attack came the day after Trudeau claims that Canada will have an open border

5. Why have the police let these two individuals film prior to bullets being removed from the walls for testing? Why have bullets not been removed even when the other media come in? 

6. Why did CBC edit the footage which shows that these 2 people had been in the room prior to when the rest of the media arrived?

7. Why were these two people not wearing protective footwear or escorted by police? Was all the evidence taken at this point?

8. Why were shoes and other things not entered into evidence?

9. Who are these two people? 

10. When was this video taken? 

11. Why were they given access when other media were not? 

12. Is this video evidence that the crime scene could have been tampered with prior to completion of police collecting evidence?

13. This mosque is the Muslim Brotherhood which has ties to Hamas. Is there any connection between the Aga Khan and Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood which could tie Trudeau to this event?

14. Where were the people who accompanied Trudeau to the Aga Khan island during the time of this attack? 

15. Who are the victims? How long have they been in Canada? Where are their friends and relatives? 

16. Why was the PMO so concerned about FOX news reporting that the shooter was Moroccan? Why were the so concerned about correcting the narrative?

17. Who is the lawyer for the suspect?

18. It was reported that the suspect had commented on social media and “liked” Donald Trump on his social media page. Where is evidence of this? Are there any screenshots of this? Where did these “facts” come from?

19. This attack took much planning. An AK-47 is not easy to get in Canada. The suspects were originally described as wearing masks. Why would the suspect go to great lengths to obtain the weapon, conceal his identity and then turn himself in almost immediately?

I believe that Alexandre is a patsy and setup to create hysteria around ‘islamophobia’. This is similar to the manchurian incident, the burning of the reichstag or Lee Harvey Oswald. If this is a manchurian incident, it is very important that a video is put out addressing these concerns before Alexandre is murdered. We could be saving a man’s life here!!!!

These questions were sent in by Sam Alexander