BREAKING: Ontario Police Handcuff Child’s Wrists And Ankles 

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Mississauga police called a mother and told her they had to handcuff her child because the child was screaming out of control. 

This happened back in September 2016 and the story just went public on Thursday, the incident happened in Nahani Way Public School in Mississauga.

From CTV:

According to the officers, the young child was kicking, screaming and punching.

“We usually use handcuffs when we are dealing with people who are violent, acting out,” the family’s lawyer Donardo Jones told CTV News Toronto. “But, the idea that a six-year-old would do something… that could be perceived as needing that level of restrain, arms and legs, just baffles me.”

On the day of the incident, the child’s mother said she received three missed phone calls from the school before calling them back while she was at work.

The mother told CTV News Toronto that one of the police officers took the phone from the school to speak to her and told her that they had to handcuff her daughter.

“All that ran through my mind was getting to my daughter,” the mother said. “They didn’t tell me anything else. I left work, took a taxi and went straight to the school. When I got there she wasn’t handcuffed. She was just sitting calmly as if nothing happened and everyone was just standing around looking at her.”

According to her mother and Jones, the child has been greatly affected by this incident.

The mother said that her daughter has not admitted that the situation took place as she is trying to block it out.

“She was exhibiting fear towards police,” she said. “A little bit after the incident we were driving and (the police) had someone pulled over and she said ‘mommy, mommy, drive slow, don’t look, don’t look, they’re going to arrest you.’”

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