Muslims Say Islamophobia Hotline In Alberta Skyrockets With Calls

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My first question to this article, is there a Westophobia or Christophobia hotline?

Anyway onto the story.

Since the deadly shootings in a Quebec City Mosque where six men lost their lives, Islamophobia has reached Alberta according to Edmonton Canadian-born Muslim Aurangzeb Qureshi who is blaming it on the so-called rhetoric happening in the U.S.

From the Calgary Sun:

“It has gone up, there has been an increase in Islamophobic incidents,” said Qureshi of the Alberta Muslim Public Affairs Council (AMPAC).

“We have to remain vigilant.”

Two months ago, a man was arrested after waving a noose at two Muslim woman at an Edmonton LRT station.

“Even when they seem innocuous, police and authorities need to take these small signs of Islamophobia seriously,” said Qureshi.

“We don’t want Quebec City to happen again…complacency is not an option.”

The U.S. election campaign and the resulting presidency of Donald Trump, who’s slapped a travel ban on seven Muslim majority countries has only added to a climate of fear the Muslim community in Alberta has felt for years, he said.

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