BREAKING: Alberta To Become A State Under Trump?

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Albertans have been rejected by the Trudeau government even longer than he has been prime minister of Canada as this video below proves.

Albertans have been craving jobs but Justin Trudeau has been trying hard to decline jobs in Alberta, between Notley and the Feds Alberta has been facing poverty with their policies such as carbon tax, but thanks to recent increase in oilfield work, the economy can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

This could also be because Trump recently signed an executive order to push the keystone XL which got Albertans excited. 

An online petition has gained attention with 600 signatures so far. 

It reads:

The Canadian province of Alberta deserves better than the hatred it receives from the rest of Canada and its government. The values of Albertans are more accurately reflected by those of the United States of America. As a state, Alberta would be able to regulate its own healthcare, minimum wage, gun laws, and remain relatively the same should Albertans decide such.

Should Albertans decide to secede from Canada, President Trump must take immediate action to offer statehood and annex the province if necessary.

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