BREAKING: Trudeau Just Declared War On Donald Trump

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Justin Trudeau has been triggered by the new president Donald Trump as he calls “the unpredictable U.S. president”

It’s as if Trudeau wants war with the United States, Trudeau set up a spy room called the “war room” for the liberals to monitor the presidency.

From the daily caller

President Donald Trump has so unnerved Justin Trudeau that the Canadian prime minister has set-up a “war room” within his office to monitor what Liberal government insiders are calling “the unpredictable U.S. president” and to respond at a moment’s notice.

The team is led by long-time Liberal advisor Brian Clow, formerly chief of staff to foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland, and is designed to provide advice and quick responses to Trump’s trade policy, especially with regard to NAFTA.

Greg MacEachern, a senior vice-president at Environics Communications and former Liberal staffer told The Hill Times, “There’s not been a unit like this set up within the PMO to the best of my knowledge,” said MacEachern. “Obviously, the prime minister wants to be keeping a very close eye on this. … It’s an unprecedented situation in the U.S. we’re watching.”

America has been Canada’s powerhouse and they’ve been our friends for a long time, with security and economy boosts that led to thousands of shared jobs, safety and economy growth. 

Is Trudeau trying to break that friendship?