Supporters say Trudeau’s re-election may be out of reach

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Justin Trudeau supporters are facing reality and turning on Trudeau. 

The hardcore left-wing website has nearly lost all hope for Trudeau. 


The Liberals cannot win a majority in 2019 without the support they siphoned from the Greens and the NDP on the left, nor without the soft conservatives and Red Tories who turned to them after a decade of Stephen Harper. After all, as much as we view Trudeau’s 2015 majority as a resounding victory, the Liberals captured less than 40 per cent of the popular vote. Subtract five per cent and all bets are off.

With their about-face on electoral reform, their recent pipeline approvals and the aftertaste from the cash-for-access frenzy, it’s doubtful that the Liberals can recapture the progressives who came over from the NDP and the Greens. On the other side of the spectrum, Trudeau’s ballooning deficit spending is likely to send soft conservatives back to their natural allegiances.

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