BREAKING: Liberals working with Facebook to shut down news they don’t agree with

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Facebook has launched a new program to allow liberals and ButtHurt users to flag news stories as fake if they don’t agree with the story. 

What Facebook said:

We’re always looking to improve News Feed by listening to what the community is telling us. We’ve found that if reading an article makes people significantly less likely to share it, that may be a sign that a story has misled people in some way. We’re going to test incorporating this signal into ranking, specifically for articles that are outliers, where people who read the article are significantly less likely to share it.

Disrupting Financial Incentives for Spammers


We’ve found that a lot of fake news is financially motivated. Spammers make money by masquerading as well-known news organizations, and posting hoaxes that get people to visit to their sites, which are often mostly ads. So we’re doing several things to reduce the financial incentives. On the buying side we’ve eliminated the ability to spoof domains, which will reduce the prevalence of sites that pretend to be real publications. On the publisher side, we are analyzing publisher sites to detect where policy enforcement actions might be necessary.

It’s important to us that the stories you see on Facebook are authentic and meaningful. We’re excited about this progress, but we know there’s more to be done. We’re going to keep working on this problem for as long as it takes to get it right.

Everytime a ButtHurt butterfly Facebook user scrolls through their news feed and don’t agree with posts, they comment “fake news” 

Now Facebook will give them the option to flag the story as “fake news” even if they don’t agree with the factual news. 

Facebook is a great platform for reaching thousands of people, local and around the world, there’s many snowflake liberals and Facebook users who will change the way Facebook works. 

If this won’t be stopped, all conservative news outlets will be shut down. Share and get the word out.