Pakistan Born Canadian MP Pushes Her New Pro-Sharia Agenda

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After the recent tragedy in a mosque in Quebec City, there is now going to be a motion which will be debated in the Canadian Parliament which will ask MPs to condemn “Islamophobia”. This is being celebrated as a victory in mosques and other left wing pro Sharia establishments as a serious victory. The new motion will be called ‘Motion 103’ in which only Islamophobia has been mentioned by name, leaving out all other religious persecution. Many of the critics are seeing this as a huge step backward of our freedom of expression.

The motion has been put forward by Liberal MP Iqra Khalid, a Pakistan-born Muslim Canadian. According to Khalid, MPs cannot oppose the bill because that will make them seem like a racist. So, looks like it’s a win-win situation for the young MP. While the motion was introduced in December of 2016, some are suspecting it to be an agenda of the Islamic extremists in North America who shamelessly take advantage of Canadian laws and the recent Quebec City tragedy to advance their own international agenda to silence all those who are critical of Islamism.

Many who are concerned are saying that this could be the end as many extremist Muslims who come to Canada seeking asylum or as refugees are planning to turn the country into a nightmare. Meanwhile, the motion fails to determine a definition for ‘Islamophobia’ which is something that other MPs are calling for. One of the most important questions being, whether Muslims who denounce Sharia law will be added to the category of Islamophobe. The MP has not provided any answers to these more pressing questions on the recent motion.


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