PM Justin Trudeau’s Plans for the Middle Class Takes the Wait-and-See Approach

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been seen as a beacon of hope to many liberals, but by the looks of it, the hope could soon run out if the PM continues to make false promises on the current state of affairs. Recently, the Prime Minister gave a speech in Hamburg, which was suspiciously dark as compared to the many previous speeches by the prime minister in the past. During the speech, Trudeau talked about the rising challenges that his government is facing amid growing voter outrage directed at traditional brokerage parties.

But, by the looks of it, voters are right to be outraged because its time the Trudeau Administration got serious about the challenging faced by a growing middle class in Canada. The latest stance which has been taken by Trudeau is something which we have also seen in the past. Back in 2014, Trudeau also warned against the risk of economic growth that fails to benefit the people. According to some economic pundits, the problem is that no substantial measures have been made to match the fiscal framework. Simply put, the government does not have the money to be generous at the moment.

Some of the measures that the liberals have introduced so far seem to be overly ambitious and will take years before they are able to generate any benefits at all. And while the new infrastructure bank, which seeks the pension funds and other large investors as partners for new infrastructural projects could see the light of day later this year, but even that does not mean any serious money will be put into serious construction any sooner than 2018. While any economic growth seems sluggish around the world, the future looks bleak for Canada as well.


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