Teacher Punished 11-Year-Old For Not Doing Anti-Trump Homework!

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Liberals are furious that Donald Trump is the 45th President. They seem obsessed with trying to defame and smear him and his supporters. But, one New York teacher went way too far when she brought her Trump hatred into the classroom and tried to force it upon her students.

Vincent Ungro’s 11-year-old daughter had an assignment that was intended to force the students to speak against the President. Ungro wasn’t having any of it and, because of that, his daughter was docked 15 points.

The assignment read: “President Trump speaks in a very superior and [BLANK] manner, insulting many people. He needs to be more [BLANK] so the American people respect and admire him.” The students were to fill in the blanks as you can see in a picture of the assignment below along with Ungro’s comments to the teacher.

It’s rather unbelievable that a teacher thought she could get away with indoctrinating the children like this. Since Ungro is a vigilant parent, this didn’t get by him.

He made his complaints known. “I felt it was time to do that. To protect my daughter and protect my president,” Ungro said. The teacher was reprimanded.