Trump Focused on Delivering on Promises Says Chief White House Strategist

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During the annual CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), Chief White House strategist Steve Bannon defended the new economic agenda of the Trump Administration. Bannon is seen as the power behind the Trump administration declared during the event that the newly elected Trump Administration will help put the US back on the map in the global economic forum. According to Bannon, President Trump is “maniacally” behind the implementation of pro-US agreements that will put the interest of US and the American people first.

The Chief White House strategist also shared his concerns about the media, saying that mainstream media needs to understand that all the promises that were made during the election campaign are going to be implemented eventually, and that the Trump Administration is working towards moving those plans for approval.

Bannon’s words reflect those of White House chief of staff, Reince Preibus, who also had the same comments on the implementation of those promises that were made during the presidential election. While Bannon has been painted to be a ‘bête noire’ by the pro-liberal news channels, he has gained popularity for his populist brand of Republican politics. Bannon rather unexpectedly also emerged as one of Trump’s closest advisors during the campaign and has now become a powerful aide who rarely steps out of the shadows to make any comments on the current position of the Trump Administration.

During the conference, Bannon addressed the elephant in the room, which was the condition of the relationship between the media and the Trump Administration saying that the corporatist and globalist media are opposed to the economic nationalist agenda of President Trump, but that is not going to stop Trump from fulfilling his promise, to make America great again. Bannon also mentioned the withdrawal from the Trans Pacific Partnership, which was one of the pivotal moments of the Trump Presidency.


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