Has Justin Trudeau Gambled on the British Columbia Re-election?

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With British Columbia ready for a re-election this spring, tension surrounds the NDP as there seems to be a change in the way the people are reacting to Justin Trudeau’s recent policies. Donald Trump’s election was one of the biggest changes for the liberal government as now they have to find some common ground where the Canadian Liberal Party and the American Republican meet halfway.

Subjects discussing refugees and trade, being two of many, have made the Canada/U.S relations the biggest concerns of the NDP. The proof that the NDP is seriously focusing all their energy on this subject is the frightening fact that there is still no news of the set federal budget this year.

With Trudeau and his party being concerned with Trump and their administration, the real test of Trudeau making bold decisions such as the climate tax and energy development is approaching fast and it seems like they did not and are not focusing enough to save their administration from taking a huge blow.

With Ontario and Nova Scotia already expressing their thoughts on the NDP with lost seats and decreasing popularity, the NDP have to worry about the same taking effect in British Columbia which can be considered the stronghold of the NDP.

Making a significant amount of political contribution to the government of Clark, if the results of the May 9 election are not in favour, the federal government will have a serious setback.

Approval of energy development programs by Premier Clark that have been part of some controversy in the past days, such as Site C Hydro Dam and the LNG project by Patronas have all made the people lose their trust in the Prime Minister.

In the past, provincial elections have not been events that have been in the limelight considering the Federal government, but this year, with the NDP hanging by a few threads, the loss in British Columbia will be a devastating one to PM Trudeau.


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