New Conservative Leadership Debate Format Welcomed by Everyone

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This Friday in Ottawa, 14 conservative leaders held the leadership debate but with a little twist to the original format. Initially, the format dictated that each person be given a chance to speak for themselves and defend or attack the other candidates on their agenda.

This year’s conservative debate saw a change in the format which gave rise to a much more interactive and high spirited debate than ever seen before. The format included groups of different candidates going at it instead of fighting it out individually.

The first exchange took place where conservative MP Kellie Leitch was teamed up with MP Erin O’Toole along with former conservative MPs Andrew Saxton and Chris Alexander to debate about social issues and healthcare.

The team took everything head on with Alexander making it very clear that the conservatives have nothing against social programs and will make sure they do their best to end poverty and homelessness in Canada. O’Toole addressed the previously implemented universal child care benefit because according to him, the liberal program has failed.

Leitch was very clear and firm on one subject, which was talking about how there is no real check on the government’s spending and the best policy for a government to have is that everyone in the country has a job.

The Debate instead of allowing the conservatives to fight it out gave a new team like feeling which the government should be showing as the conservatives believe that the only way to move forward is to work together and solve our problems.

Leitch added that she will make sure that the government’s spending is capped and that the public and private sector pay gap was abolished.

Conservatives have shown that they are not afraid to make changes when it comes to making Canada better and the new format has shown that the party is standing united in solidarity to help out the nation.


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