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Trudeau’s Privy Council Office Budget rises by 24 Million

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his administration have been subject to a lot of scrutiny when it comes to heavy spending not just towards the government and its functions, but for personal uses too. Recently, the Prime Minister was subject to criticism when he took a lavish Christmas vacation and the Canadian tax payer had their dollars being spent on the transport and accommodation of Trudeau’s security detail.

When you see dollars being spent so carelessly, it is natural that the country’s budget will rise accordingly. Taking a look at this year’s Privy Council Office budget, it has been the highest in the past decade. The originally decided budget was at $120.7 million and now it has hiked up to $144.9 million.


It has been seen in the past that the PCO has always managed to squeeze out a lot more than their allocated budget. The 144.9 million is good compared to the $163.9 million that the PCO received last year. Since the Privy Council Office is a major part of helping the Prime Minster and his office deliver their agenda to the nation successfully, it seems there won’t be much compromising when it comes to them asking larger funds in the future.

Although every government needs to provide the Privy Council Office with a good budget to help them run the country, but the question here is that could the amount allocated have gone down? Considering the expenses that the Trudeau government has been making, the only way to look at the budget this year was up.

Justin Trudeau may have ambitious goals, but it seems like his finance department has not been advising him very well. With the Privy Council office budget seeing such a huge hike, it is a bit scary to think about what the federal budget will look like.   


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