O’Leary—the Most Popular Candidate for the Conservative Party Leadership

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It is quite obvious that the leading candidate in popularity and fame for the Conservative Party is Kevin O’Leary but it is quite surprising that most Canadians do not have an idea of the other candidate to support.

In case the Conservative leadership elections do not work out in favour of O’Leary, most Canadians will be asking the question, Who then? A poll conducted by Abacus data showed that most Canadians have no idea who will be the other leader if O’Leary is not elected.

When asked about any other preferences or change in choice, most had no strong opinion about Kellie Leitch, Andrew Scheer, Maxime Bernier or Lisa Raitt.

The reason for this popularity may be attributed to the fact that O’Leary was viewed quite negatively in the eyes of the public, but since the Canadian population has gotten to know a bit more about the candidates, it seems the negative view turned to O’Leary’s favour.

People who had a neutral view about the other candidates remained at their stance while O’Leary’s popularity rose when people decided to either side with him or not. No press is bad press.

O’Leary is known to be more popular than Stephen Harper during his campaigns and it looks like he might just be a shoo-in for the leadership without much competition. In the case that his opponents do manage to swipe the victory, there is a big chance that most of the Canadian population would not take the candidate seriously.

Speaking of now, Maxime Bernier seems to be the only opponent that can offer some serious competition to O’Leary, but even after his win, it is possible that he may not have the effect that O’Leary will have if he wins.

The Tory candidates need to up their game at making themselves more known to the public if they want to see an election that is not a landslide.


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