Protests against Trudeau’s Retreat on Electoral Reform

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Montreal saw a crowd of people gathered in protest at the Jarry Metro Station at 2 PM. The protesters had gathered in light of the recent decry by the Prime Minister about not going forward with the electoral reforms. The organizers of the protest invited members of the federal party to address the crowd which included Green Party member Daniel Green and member of the National Democratic Party, Alexandre Boulerice.

The protest went ahead with the members addressing the crowd. Green addressed the crowd and asked them if they had a lying prime minister, how could they trust him in the future? The crowd replied in Unison, “We cannot!”

In his campaign during 2015, Justin Trudeau had announced that this year would be their last under the first past-the-post system. In the beginning of February 2017, Trudeau announced that the electoral reform would not be on the table any longer. To defend himself, he just said that sometimes, you need the courage to retreat.

People spoke out from the crowd, saying that there might not be consensus on different matters in Canada but there is consensus on the fact that electoral reform is required as promised. Another demonstrator added to this defining that consensus does not necessarily mean a unanimous decision; it means an agreement even by those that oppose the idea.

Most of the demonstrators understood that the backing out of the electoral reform as planned had a lot to do with the Liberal party being at a huge disadvantage this year. Their popularity has gone down and ratings have never been worse.

People, who had believed in the Liberal party to keep their word have been extremely disappointed and seeing that the one promise that does not require any funds to fulfill is not being done just because of the whim of a Prime Minister, is disappointing indeed.

Trudeau however, is of the opinion that Canadians have not expressed a clear preference, let alone a consensus, regarding the electoral reforms.


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