MP Kellie Leitch’s New Video Sparks Controversy

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Conservative leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch is known for her strong sentiments on immigration policy. Recently, Leitch has released a video in the hopes of giving the public a better idea of her immigration policy, which she sees as misconstrued by the media. What was supposed to be a short video on her thoughts on the reforms needed, soon turned into a Twitter frenzy with many taking to the social outlet to vent their anger and confusion on the message, which was the exact opposite of Leitch anticipated after the release of the video.

But, this has not been the first time that the conservative leadership hopeful has found herself in hot water. Not too long ago, Leitch spoke at the launch of her conservative leadership campaign. She ended having to defend herself when the Cultural Action Party launched a social media campaign in her support. Leitch soon had to distance herself from the alt-right group saying that shy did not condone that sort of behaviour. But, it was too late, and some media outlets took the reports of her possible alt-right links and ran with it.

Leitch is passionate about such issues as screening immigrants who come to Canada and allowing women to carry pepper spray to defend themselves have all been an important part of her campaign. And while Leitch is not likely to step back from her positions on these issues, she has come forward and acknowledged that anti-Muslim sentiments have been expressed on her campaign’s social platform as well, but she was soon to condemn them and urged people not to post anti Muslim comments on her social medial platforms or any social media outlets for that matter.

Coming back to her latest video which is around eight minutes long and is littered with unconventional and dramatic pauses, it’s no wonder that folks on Twitter are having a blast!


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