Trudeau Ready Talks Business with Auto Parts Manufacturers

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Recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with representatives of auto part manufacturers to discuss about North American trade deals and the newly elected Trump Administration. The meeting was held at the head office of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association in Toronto, where major companies such as Martinrea International, Magna International The Woodbridge Group and ABC Group. The discussion which was mostly on the current situation of the auto industry, also briefly discussed about the US President Donald Trump who is adamant on renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement.

According to the president of the Automotive Parts Manufacturer Association, Flavio Volpe, Prime Minister Trudeau and President Trump had a good first date, which is why the representatives who attended the recently held meeting were less concerned about the possible renegotiation of the NAFTA. With the federal government all set for the spring budget that’s approaching, Volpe did mention that the auto parts manufacturers are not looking for new subsidies at the moment. But, they would like to see the federal government serve as an advocate for the auto parts manufacturing industry.

Volpe, also added that while they were not asking for money, we are asking the Trudeau administration to protect the interests of the auto parts manufacturing industry. It is true that consumers in the US are getting good quality cars at competitive prices thanks to North American production, this is just one of the many indicators that the industry does create economic value. Volpe and his colleagues at the Automotive Parts Manufacturer’ Association are currently busy collecting data that will prove their point. Addressing the elephant in the room, all that were present at the recent meeting were in agreement that the new US president and the lawmakers across the border would want the same thing, which is the close cooperation of both countries when it comes to the NAFTA and other areas which interests both countries.


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