Bilingual Debate Used as a Platform for Conservative Party’s Leadership Candidates Reach Out to Heartland

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The Conservative Party’s leadership candidates took part in a debate that was held in Edmonton recently. The Conservative Debate, which became news even before the debate ever started when the 14th candidate, Kevin O’Leary, a maverick businessman decided not to take part in the event due to personal reasons.

But, that didn’t stop the other 13 contestants from taking part in the debate. During the sell-out event, all 13 participants took to the stage and pushed their campaign policies in the debate which lasted for nearly two hours. The participants of the debate sparred over popular themes such as the shortcomings of the Trudeau government, the recent carbon pricing issue and the government’s policy on immigration.

A few jabs were directed towards O’Leary during the event, but it was Michael Chong who seemed to be the main target of the debate, which was mainly because of his controversial supports the revenue neutral carbon tax, which has been the focus of controversy in Conservative circles. During the debate, Chong defended his position by saying that it was the most cost-effective way of reducing carbon emissions in the country, even if it was the most conservative support.

During the event, Scheer was one of several participants who spoke in French repeatedly, since he was only one of a few contestants who were fluent in both English and French. The country’s immigration policy was also one of the topics which surfaced as each candidate was asked how they would press the Trump Administration to respond to the asylum seekers from the U.S. coming into Canada by crossing the unmanned border crossings at Manitoba and Quebec.  

But, O’Leary’s debate dis echos Trump’s decision of skipping the Republican debate. Trump said that he wanted to take part in the GOP debate, but had to refuse since he was boycotting the debate’s host, Fox News.


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