Canada Get’s a Shout-out in Trump’s First Speech to Congress

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To the surprise of many, Canada came up quite a few times during the US President Donald Trump’s first speech to the joint session of the Congress.

While the US president had much to say about the growing concerns of the American people in regards to their safety, healthcare and the borders, president Trump also found time to talk about Canada and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

During the nearly hour long speech, president Trump highlighted the women’s business group which was created during Trudeau’s recent visit to the Whitehouse, which is a project that involves Trump’s own daughter, Ivanka. The council which has been formed by the two countries helps ensure that women entrepreneurs can get access to networks and markets, and find the capital they need to get their business started.

The US president talked about the importance of having a comprehensive immigration reform, which has remained an elusive goal of the current administration, but also sprinkled his speech with mentions of how he admired his northern neighbour.

During the president’s prime time address, expressed how proud he was of the project, which all started with Katie Telford, Trudeau’s chief of staff, who first raised the issue with Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, and White House aide in the current Trump Administration. Trump also touched on what has been Canada’s main interest for the past few months regarding the Keystone XL pipeline.

But, there were still some areas of the still fresh Trump-Trudeau relations which were left out of the address, such as the president’s position on the border adjustment tax between the two countries and the withdrawal of the Trans Pacific Partnership, which Canada was a part of.

Towards the end, Trump saluted the immigration system in Canada, which was a nudge to those who are against tighter border control and who are looking for legal status for millions of undocumented Mexicans in the US.