Conservative Party’s Leadership Debate Held Without its Highest Profile Contender

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The Conservative leadership candidates debated recently in Edmonton, without their most high profile contestant. Kevin O’Leary released a statement days ago saying that he would be boycotting the debate stating some issues with the format of the debate which was to be held in Edmonton.

According to reports, the reason why O’Leary opted out from the debate was because he felt uncomfortable with the current 14-member format of the event.

On the other side of the divide, O’Leary’s opponents put forward their own theories of why the celebrity investor chose not to attend the debate, some saying that the debate was billed as bilingual, meaning the debate was going to be carried out in English and French. According to insiders, O’Leary isn’t known for being good at French, which would make answering questions a problem.  

To save himself from getting lost in translation, rather than attending the debate which was held in Edmonton, O’Leary held a fireside chat at the same time of the debate which was being moderated by former Edmonton MP Tim Uppal.

But, O’Leary’s recent actions have been used as fodder for some of his most outspoken critics. Ontario MP Lisa Raitt, who had also attended the debate at Edmonton is considered to be O’Leary’s most vocal critic and the MP didn’t leave anything behind when it came to criticizing O’Leary’s decision. While talking to reporters, Ms. Raitt called O’Leary a chicken for not attending the debate, which was a sold out event. Fellow leadership contestant and Saskatchewan MP Andrew Scheer, alleged that the main cause for O’Leary not to attend was because Scheer had previously accused him of treating the leadership like a part-time job, meaning O’Leary was not taking his job seriously. Erin O’Toole used an image cropped from the movie ‘Office Space’ in a meme which told O’Leary to “show up for work!”


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