Facebook facing lawsuits for supporting terrorists 

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Facebook is facing lawsuits for giving jihadists a platform to promote hate, terrorism and death.

The Facebook policy police have been busy over the last year banning conservative pages, groups and Donald Trump supporters, their own police were most likely told to try and sway the election giving the results of thousands of jihadist accounts to remain open.

They failed to give Hillary Clinton the election win and then tried to blame it on conservative pages and news.

From Jihad Watch:

While Facebook is being sued for providing a platform for jihadists “involved in the ‘stabbing intifada’” against innocent Israelis, the social media giant has apparently been all too busy playing thought police by cranking down on harmless conservatives. According to “former Facebook workers,” they “routinely suppressed conservative news,” including stories that were trending on major news sites. The “news curators” were ordered to “artificially inject selected stories into the trending news mode,” even if they were unpopular.

Media and social media collusion has become the norm, to the detriment of the people, whose thoughts are being manipulated via lies by omission.

From Jpost.com:

American-Israeli Richard Lakin, [sic] told The Jerusalem Post on Wednesday that he is “outraged” at Facebook for pretending that it has zero tolerance for terrorism.

He spoke minutes after a climactic hearing in a terrorism lawsuit against the social media giant.

Lakin was one of the original plaintiffs in a 2015 lawsuit filed by a group of 20,000 Israelis against Facebook for providing a platform for terrorists involved in the “stabbing intifada,” and demanding an injunction ordering the firm to act more forcefully against terrorist incitement on its pages.

Wednesday’s hearing was the final one in a US federal court in Brooklyn before the judge decides whether Shurat Hadin – Israel Law Center, representing the plaintiffs, has found the first-ever legal silver bullet for breaking what has been an impenetrable barrier protecting Facebook from terrorism lawsuits.

Facebook has recently announced to better watch conservatives from fake news (or news the left gets offended by) by adding a flagging system where users can report and flag posts and articles they don’t agree with, read this story here.

Facebook is clearly colluding with the left, share this story.