Muslim man arrested for fake anti-hate crime in Montreal, media blamed conservative groups

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A 47-year-old Muslim man named Hisham Saadi has been charged for a hoax crime regarding terrorist activities at the Concordia University on Wednesday.

Reports say the man was is a Canadian resident who originally originated from Lebanese. 

When the original story broke in the media by radical press such as the CBC, they were quick to mention that a conservative group sent in the letters claiming there was bombs in the evacuated buildings. 

CBC tried hard to blame conservatives by publishing this article. They dug really deep to try and find dirt on right-wing groups, way back to 1988.

CBC was proud to report the story in order to gain support from the radical leftists who run the liberal government, could it be because CBC is going broke and need more funding? 

By now reports say this was a hate crime towards Muslims by Muslims, it seems like some of the truth came out, so what is CBC?

Screenshot from Jihad Watch:

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