The Conservative After Party

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As the Conservative leadership debates are still continuing, Tuesday night was the time where the candidates decided they needed to blow off some steam and took a trip down to Edmonton’s Craft Beer Market.

The night kicked off nicely as the Tories stepped in and had a few drinks, discussing and having a good time. The market was in awe at watching the people they had just seen debating live on TV sitting in front of them and having a good time.

These gatherings are a good way of showing solidarity in the party even if the candidates are going head to head for the conservative leadership. Kellie Leitch was spotted with the other candidates, but she stuck to her traditional one drink at the after party policy and then left.

Kevin O’Leary got a bottle of ale for himself and conversed with the young members of the Conservative party where he was complimented on the fact that he is bringing a lot of new people that are ready to work.

Andrew Saxton and his fiancé were present with his campaign manager and were heard discussing policies and the way to move forward with the debate. Andrew Saxton has gained a lot of popularity during his campaigning, but still is behind Kevin O’Leary when it comes to the most famous candidate. O’Leary’s popularity may be due to his negative image before the run, but it seems that he has used that to make the people aware of what he can do for Canada.

Pierre Lemieux seemed to be engaged with a group of young supporters and he addressed them about the advantages of living in an era where a person is able to freely express themselves and their views. The night was almost ending and most candidates left early, but it was Andrew Saxton who closed the bar and was there till midnight.

Talk about a good night with friends at the pub.


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