Trudeau is Legalising Marijuana, for the sake of kids

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There have been a lot of questions hurled towards the Trudeau administration asking the real reason due to which they are working towards legalising marijuana. Among the most popular answers, there are tax revenues through sales and the medicinal value, but the most important of all those is the fact that it will protect the kids.

According to the Prime Minister, buying a joint worth of marijuana is much easier for a kid than going out and getting a bottle of beer. According to him, that is not right. With the regulation of Marijuana, they will be taking the sale out of the hands of criminals who are free to sell to anyone who is able to buy.

With the regulation, they will be able to sell to only those that are medically prescribed to have it, or are past the legal age limit. Although these are all good intentions, but the legalization of marijuana is not something that will keep it out of the hands of kids.

People who are selling marijuana illegally right now will be able to do it much more freely once there will be no interrogation for recreational use.

Prime Minister Trudeau, although in favor of legalizing marijuana, has strictly prohibited the regulation of harder drugs like cocaine and heroin. Although Marijuana has a lower THC rating than these drugs, it is still questionable whether it is safe for legal recreational use or not.

Much like alcohol, Marijuana also has similar affects when it comes to blurring judgement and slowing down motor skills and reaction time. Yes, it has been proven that the drug is beneficial for treatment and relieving pain, but much like other medicinal substances, there should be a regulation of who can use it and who cannot, rather than making marijuana legal across the country for anyone to use.

The matter is still under discussion, but it seems that the Prime Minister is in full favor of legalizing the drug because he sees it financially and medically advantageous for the country.


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