Hillary Clinton to run for mayor of New York City

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Word is finally out, Hillary Clinton couldn’t bear to lose to Donald Trump during the last election, reports now confirm she’s looking to run for mayor of New York City.

Signs have been spotted around New York.

From the Daily Wire:

Hillary and her cronies are at the heart of the whole Russia debacle. Team Hillary blamed the Russians for her loss, and Barack Obama then used the intelligence agencies to push the notion well into President Trump’s term.
But still, them limousine liberals are dying for the return of Hillary. No one knows who’s posting the signs: There’s no “paid for by…” at the bottom of the placards.
And could she win? You bet (not the presidency, but maybe a mayor’s job — or dog catcher?). A Quinnipiac University Poll of city voters in January found that Clinton would pound incumbent Mayor Bill de Blasio 49 to 30 percent.
If you’re an American, do you think Clinton can become Mayor of a major city?


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