Trudeau to give Khalid protection against comments like “idiot” and “scumbag”

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Iqra Khalid, the Mississauga MP who introduced a motion condemning all forms Islamophobia said she’s received thousands of emails containing insults, graphic language and even death threats. 

I agree no one ever should receive death threats, but being called an idiot and scumbag when you clearly are one, should be justified as it. 

The Trudeau government is considering stepping up protections for the Mulsim Canadian MP by punishing Canadians when they express free speech against her. 

From the star:

The Liberal government is considering help for MPs facing increased harassment, hatred, even death threats after the backlash to an anti-Islamophobia motion.

The Star has learned the Liberal cabinet will consider ways to help MPs from any party grappling with hatred and harassment at their offices.

The Prime Minister’s Office said they could not confirm nor deny any issues that may be before cabinet. But in a statement, a PMO spokesperson, Cameron Ahmad, said the government is “eager” to work with MPs to make sure their workplaces are free from intimidation.

“Every member of Parliament — and indeed, every Canadian — is entitled to work and live in an environment that is free of hate speech and the threat of violence,” Ahmad wrote.

“As always, we remain eager to work alongside MPs, including opposition members, to tackle any form of hate or threat to ensure all MPs and their staff are guaranteed a safe working environment.”


Khalid read into the record one particular message, calling her an “idiot” and “scumbag,” and suggested the author would film somebody shooting her.

Shooting someone is a crime, this particular crime should be looked into investigated properly, not the comment idiot and scumbag, those should be brushed off clearly and not made public. 

It’s amazing the stupidity the liberal government is willing to take to overcome this, had it been a conservative Canadian receiving hate comments, surely they would just brush it off. 

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