NEW: Liberal Party Fundraising Under Investigation

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The Liberals in British Columbia, which is the governing party is under investigation for certain alleged fundraising practices after reports of malpractice surfaced. According to reports, certain lobbyists have been illegally funneling money to the party on a routine basis, on behalf of corporate interests. The deputy chief electoral, Nola Western said that the problem seems to be systemic which needs to be addressed.

Over the next few weeks, over tens of thousands of dollars of multiple donations is going to be closely investigated by the independent body, which enforces the election laws of British Columbia. Two registered lobbyists, Byng Giraud and Mark Jiles, both made payments under their own names by using their own credit cards. Both of the lobbyists acknowledged that they were in fact buying Liberal fundraising tickets on behalf of their clients and then getting reimbursed, which is actually against the law. According to some officials, this practice is known as an indirect political contribution which is not at all okay. Mr. Giraud is a lobbyist for the Woodfibre LNG, which is an Indonesian firm that is currently constructing a controversial liquefied natural gas plant, which has also recently been given approval and tax breaks.

The Liberals at BC will also have to explain how their party collects the donations that are made, which is because the whenever somebody goes on their website to buy tickets to their fundraisers, they are asked to make a donation first, something that is highly irregular. According to insiders, each party has to determine whether a donor is an individual or a cooperation, or a non-profit for that matter, before reporting their contribution to the party’s elections. The financial agent of the Liberal party is not allowed to accept any donations without making this information clear. While the spokesman for the Liberal Party, Emile Scheffel has stated that the personal records of an individual donor are saved before they make a donation, the Liberals will have to prove that during the hearing.


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