Support for Liberal Party Slides to Record Low

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New reports show that support for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has dropped over the past few months, and is now at its lowest level since the previous federal election. After a fascinating turn of events, the Liberal Party seems to have lost much of the popularity it had gained during the first months of taking office in October of 2015. According to recent polls, the Liberal Party has taken a serious hit in almost every region of the country, and as a result, has boosted the confidence of both the New Democrats and the Conservatives whose popularity has been surprisingly on the rise.

So far, the Liberals have averaged at 40% of support in national polls that were conducted during the previous quarter. While the numbers are above the party’s electoral result which was as 39%, it does reveal a serious shift in the results of the Liberal Party’s steady polling at 46% and 47% throughout the previous year. According to experts, this shift is being recorded as the greatest shift in national voting since the support for the Liberals surged immediately after the 2015 election which elected the current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The new poll that shows that the support for Liberals has dropped by 6.8 points means that the Liberals have lost much of the gains they had made during their “honeymoon period.”

This negative trend which has been recorded by the recent poll also coincides with the many issues that have been rising during the Trudeau Administration, which is also said to be responsible for the strength of the Liberal Party which is said to be sapped. Some of the major issues which has raised many questions on the Liberal Party being led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the party’s broken promise on electoral reform, the recent vacation at Prince Aga Khan’s private islands and not to mention the cash for access controversy, all of which have been said to be responsible for the Liberal’s sharp decline in popularity.  


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