Trudeau’ Government Fails To Deliver More on Feminist Agenda

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Lately, Prime Minister Trudeau has fallen short in delivering equal rights to females in Canada. Oxfam Canada issued a feminist scoreboard before Women’s Day and rated Trudeau’s government on providing benefits for women across eight categories.

When equal men to women members were elected for the cabinet, women in Canada swooned at Trudeau’s acts of seeing women as equals to men. Though this received a green rating, a red rating was given in the next scorecard. Sadly, the NGO’s research proved that while Trudeau did support women rights, nothing much had been done to show the support.

The scorecard said, “Very few steps had been taken to ensure working women are equally valued or fairly paid”.

According to the statistics, working women only earn 68.4% of what men are earning in the same position. This earned Canada a red rating. Oxfam Canada invited Canadians to take part in a petition that would address gender inequalities.

A yellow rating was given for child care and actions taken for violence against women. Though Oxfam Canada saw progress in this area, they believed that further steps can be taken to make child care affordable.

Another yellow rating was given on climate change, which is one of the worst factors that affect women. The small corporate tax rates and tax evasion not only hurts service coffers but becomes a cause for violent conflict too.

Finally, the last yellow rating was given for global development, where the record card said that though women can assume a leadership role in Canada, there is very little budget to aid them.

The scorecards were created with research dating back to when Trudeau was not elected the prime minister. Despite Trump’s support for the ‘safe abortion’ campaign, Oxfam Canada said there just wasn’t enough proof that whether Trudeau’s government was taking any necessary steps towards equal pay women rights or not.  

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