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When asked about his trips to this year’s by-election, the excuse was not as convincing.

“We will not write off any corner of this country, That’s why I go to every byelection.”

This was said by Trudeau in Calgary last week and it’s just a new way of saying something that he has been repeating over the years. Let’s ask a simple question:

Is it okay for the prime minister of a certain party to be going around helping his own party members get elected in by-elections? Well, quite honestly, no.

First of all is the fact that a Prime Minister is not just for a single party, but is someone who is to govern the whole nation. If they choose to go on trips promoting people of their own party, this puts a label of the Prime Minister favouring a certain group of citizens more than the other.

There is no actual rule that can stop the Prime Minister from going around the country in support of his own party members. It is just something that does not look morally right.

Some may disagree with this fact saying that this is a biased view of a Conservative Party supporter, but if we take a look at the history of Prime Ministers in Canada, all of them have followed this principle.

According to Trudeau supporters, they say that he has been there supporting the citizens who have taken up the chance to be part of the government and play their part in running the country effectively. If this was true, there would be no point in writing this article but the reason that a voice has been raised regarding this issue is the fact that Justin Trudeau was not there to support everyone. In fact, he was over there rooting for the Liberals.

That is a sort of dividing strategy for a Prime Minister to adopt. The results of the by-election might turn out in the favour of the party, but the point here is that Justin Trudeau, being the Prime Minister, should not be picking sides and might be better off taking care of the big pile of problems in his office.