Marijuana Stocks Drop as Trudeau’s Administration Say They Won’t rush Into Legalisation

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The biggest news that came out of the Justin Trudeau administration was the consideration of legalisation of Marijuana throughout the country, with the government overlooking the regulation and distribution.

The news has a lot of investors interested and major Marijuana exporting industries have shown their interest in the True North. The policy handlers regarding Marijuana have recently announced that Canada is not rushing into the legalisation matter.

Former Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair who has been leading the legalisation efforts on behalf of the Trudeau administration confirmed that a bill will be presented in the parliament, but there are still some things that the federal government has to work out before the final word is given.

The legalisation efforts are being made but until everything has been worked out with the local city and provincial governments, nothing is official and Canada won’t be rushing in this matter.

Blair further added that for safe use and distribution of Marijuana, the government will be controlling distribution, production and consumption of Marijuana along with testing it for THC factor and keeping it out of the reach of minors.

It does not matter if the investors lose interest, and the stocks go down, Canada will not be making such a huge change without making sure the process is planned and executed well.

Although Justin Trudeau has made a lot of mistakes in his career, considering that he is convinced that he will be legalising marijuana, it is good to see that the administration is not leaving any stone unturned when it comes to taking precautionary measures in the process.

However, the real question remains that how will the government be able to suppress the criminals who have been operating in the country. With the tax addition, it is obvious that the price of legalised Marijuana will be a lot higher than what the illegal dealers are able to offer.

The government may have to come up with a way to flush out these criminals, or else their regulated marijuana stores would see no sales, while a joint may be spotted in the hands of every other recreational user.