O’Leary Speaks the Truth about Trudeau

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In his address to the crowd gathered at the London Convention Center, Kevin O’Leary took the opportunity to let the people know why Justin Trudeau is unfit to run the country and he is the perfect leader for Canada this very moment.

He used very strong words against Trudeau saying that he would make Trudeau’s life a “living hell” over the next two years and that the 2019 elections would be more of an exorcism. According to him, they need to rid Canada of the demon that has been representing nothing but lies.

O’Leary attacked the Trudeau administration and straight out called them the worst example of mediocrity and incompetence in the history of Canada. He spared no one here and pointed out that everyone, from the municipal, provincial and the federal level have been part of the problem and need to be lifted from the places where they have taken root in.

O’Leary turned to the younger crowd and told them that he understands the generation who is just graduating or have graduated are facing some immense problems that need to be addressed. These problems have long been ignored by the Trudeau administration.

O’Leary said that he knows these people have been lied to by the Trudeau administration and still have no jobs, while having to live in their parents’ basement.

He then addressed Alberta which he called “the gem of Canada’s economic growth.” According to O’Leary, the carbon tax is weighing extremely heavy on the hard working Alberta citizens and needs to be brought down.

He also addressed how he would tighten border security and take care of all the loopholes which are allowing people to come to Canada illegally.

He also talked about Kathleen Wynne, stating that if she worked for his own company, he would have fired her long ago. This comment was followed by applause from the crowd.

Kevin O’Leary, the most popular candidate for the conservative leadership, is going in guns blazing and looks like he won’t hold back when it comes to explaining what’s really going on with Canada and what needs fixing.


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