Tories are Considering the Replacement of Stephen Harper Very Seriously

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For many Canadian conservatives, finding a new leader for the party is not going to be as easy a task as they thought. The end of this month will mark the deadline for the members who can vote to choose the new party leader. Any new members joining after this date will have to sit and enjoy the show on the sidelines.

Although the Conservatives have started to make decisions, but it seems like it is very difficult for them to find a replacement without being double minded. The Conservative party still enjoys the same support it did in 2015, and according to new poll suggestions, the party will give the NDP a run for their money in the next elections.

Other data related to poll studies suggests that the party will only enjoy this support if they are united under one leader who can ask for the votes on behalf of their fellow members, but who is that perfect person to lead the Tories to victory?

Stephen Harper had successfully led the Tories, and finding a suitable replacement is not impossible but very difficult. With the top candidates being Kellie Leitch and Kevin O’Leary, the choice depends on who can better convince Tory supporters of the fact that they are the better leader.

Kevin O’Leary has been pretty famous in Canada due to his days as a reality TV star, and he seems to be the most popular of the candidates. Does popularity means he also has support of most of the people and the party? According to poll studies, it seems that most Conservative supporters do not know anyone else besides Kevin O’Leary so it may work out in his favour.

With the debates recently taking place, the other Tory candidates have risen a bit in popularity but are still behind on making an impact when compared to people who support O’Leary.

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