Prime Minister Trudeau’s Actions Once Again Questioned About the Sit Down With President Trump On International Women’s Day

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Despite being a feminist, PM Trudeau’s women percentage of the cabinet hasn’t taken any actions for women as International Women’s Day rolls around. This is the second time PM Trudeau and has his government is under fire since his meeting with President Trump on the subject of empowering and bringing more women in the workforce since last  13th February.   

A meeting was held between PM Trudeau and Oxfam Canada where his government was rated on what actions have been taken towards gender equality for women. On a scorecard of 8, Canada got one red, one green and six yellows. The eye opener was the job and pay equity, which women are still struggling with and are not being viewed or paid equal to men. PM’s women’s cabinet was put under fire for not taking any necessary steps towards the welfare for women. When the cabinet was selected in 2015, women all over Canada breathed a sigh of relief that they would be finally heard. Despite that, as International Women’s Day passes us, anything concrete has yet to be seen in this area.

Though Trudeau has taken necessary steps towards condemning Islamophobia, supporting women’s right to abortion in Canada, and a petition to spread the same message everywhere, women are still questions his and his cabinet’s moves.

Last month, when he met President Trump, Sheila Malcolmson, the new Democrat MP, questioned his move on the meeting and said that Trudeau must be more critical to Trump. She quoted, “How could the Prime Minister possibly sit down and discuss women in the workforce with President Trump without first denouncing his misogynist comments?”

Abacus Data and Equal Voice survey’s result was also presented to the PM on how Canadians feel about having women in politics. The survey showed that 46% of women believed that women rights will come into full force after 14 years, 29% believe that it will take around 91 years for it to happen and 25% believe that it will never happen. Now, it’s up to PM Trudeau and his cabinet to prove 54% of the wrong and bring the changes in just a few years.


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