Trudeau Questions His Country – Canada Comes Across As Insensitive and Racist

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While Prime Minister Trudeau might be harping about Canada’s solidarity with the refugees and other immigrants, Canadians don’t feel the same. I mean, why would they when their country is flooded with refugees and asylum seekers, who are coming to Canada because of Canada-US Safe 3rd Country agreement.

Released on 8th March, Wednesday a memo was written by Prime Minister Trudeau on the subject of immigration. According to Trudeau, the result from a Forum Research poll showed that 44% of Canada’s population believed that asylum should not be given to seekers who are entering Canada illegally. That is almost half of Canada’s population. This percentage came as a shock to Trudeau despite his best efforts of improving the economy of Canada. Just 36% believed that asylum should be given to seekers, whereas 20% were undecided on the matter.

To this Trudeau’s reply was, “To be blunt about it, what the hell is wrong with 44% of you?” He touched the subject of how people were acting like their grandfathers were Nazis. Then, he touched the subject of carbon pricing and how Canadian businesses cannot be made uncompetitive when the country is having such thoughts.

The topic of anti-Islamophobia that was being supported by conservatives was also brought forth and how he was doing his best to provide a safe place for Canadians, as well as the people of color. He then expressed how disappointed he was in their reactions, especially women, for whom he was trying to create a gender equal environment as discussed in Oxfam Canada.

He expressed further disappointment for people who had supported Kellie Leitch on the matter of screening immigrants, to find out whether they had anti-Canadian values or not.

He pointed a few things about his liberals that how they were trying their hardest to preserve Canada’s values and still offer help to others. He capped of the memo by saying that may be people had lost their faith in media and the voices for help of others. In the end, he repeated again that he was disappointed in his country and believed that they could do better.


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