WARNING: Trouble between Trudeau and His Liberals On The Matter Of Genetic-Testing Disclosure Bill

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The liberals might have won most of the vote and seats when Justin Trudeau became the Prime Minister but it looks like the number of liberals that left his side in last December according to the poll, are not so keen to toe his line.

Votes were cast against Trudeau when several backbenchers voted in favor for a bill that barred insurance companies, who asked clients to disclose their genetic testing results during screening.

On March 8, Wednesday, before the final reading, the House of Commons was presented with the bill, where several liberal backbenchers, New Democrat MPs and conservatives voted for. Although, Trudeau pleaded his case and specifically asked MPs to vote against the law, as it was unconstitutional and intruded on the country’s provincial jurisdiction, he lost by 162 votes. 222 people voted for the law, while a mere 66 voted against it.

Later in a conference, Trudeau expressed his disappointment that the government should have considered the multiple factors of defending Canadian rights and providing them the right to freedom from any kind of discrimination. He also added that due this they had tipped the scale of balance between provincial and federal jurisdictions.

One can see why the bill should not have been introduced in the first place because it allowed people of color to claim what didn’t belong to them. Trudeau was not the only person who had opposed the bill. The insurance industry was not too happy about delivering an insurance policy without disclosing the results. The bill has already taken place in the Senate and prohibits sharing of the results, unless written consent is given with exception to researchers and physicians. A fine of $1 million will be charged to the company that forces the disclosure of the result. In some cases, the guilty party will be sent to prison for five years.


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