You won’t believe what Trudeau just said about Canadians on Islamophobia 

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Justin Trudeau brought in thousands of Muslim refugees since becoming PM, “we have a problem with Islamophobia” he said.
Trudeau doesn’t believe it, but he’s the reason Canada may or may not have a problem with Islamophobia.

Thousands of people are protesting the new M-103 which condemns all form of Islamophobia, there’s nothing that condemns racist slurs against any other religion.

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In relation to M-103, Trudeau said sometimes, it’s “useful” for some people to disagree. “To point out to the rest of us that there’s still a lot of work to do.

“If everyone just agreed and we’d moved on, maybe we wouldn’t be addressing the very scary and real spike in hate speech,” Trudeau said, adding maybe politicians wouldn’t be challenging each other.

“If M-103, condemning Islamophobia, actually gets people to notice that there are people (who are) uncomfortable with that idea, that there are people who still have problems with the idea that we would condemn discrimination against Muslims, then we have to know, we have to expose that and we have to deal with it as a society.” 

Trudeau later added that Canada has a problem with hatred and discrimination.

“Do we have a problem with Islamophobia in this country? Yes we do,” Trudeau said. “Do we have a problem with anti-Semitism in this country? Yes we do.”

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