Canadian Judge Resigns Over His Past Case’s Rape Comments

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It’s been one hell of a ride since the rape charge on Alexander Wager was brought to the court in 2014. The case was charged against a Calgary man, Alexander Wager, who was accused by JM for raping her in a bathroom at a party.

Alexander Wager was acquitted of all charges by then provincial court judge Justice Robin Camp. On Thursday, 9th March, the now turned federal court judge Camp said that he will be resigning on Friday, 10th March. The case has caused quite a stir due to Camp’s comments that he passed during the trial.  

The old transcripts showed that Camp called JM a number of times and said, “pain and sex go together”. However, the question that has all the Canadians outraged is when Camp asked JM, “And when your ankles were held together by the jeans, your skinny jeans, why couldn’t you just keep your knees together”. The question was met with silence and had JM confused at the stand. He further said that she could have stopped the alleged assault by “sinking her bottom down into the basin”.

The case was once again opened and the trial was conducted by Lethbridge Assistant Chief Judge Jerry LeGrandeur. Old transcripts were reviewed and both party’s comments were once again taken to find out what exactly happened during the party. According to Wager, the reason why JM filled the rape charge was because his brother called her a “slut” and after they did it in the bathroom, JM saw Wager with another girl and got angry. Though, Wager was once again acquitted, the Canadian Judicial Council decided to hold an inquiry for the comments made by Camp. Camp’s lawyer argued that though Camp’s comments were hurtful but he did not fail in delivering the right judgment and therefore, should be given back his job. After a unanimous vote, it was decided to relieve Camp from his job.

Canadians expect to be treated with respect when it comes to law and a little empathy can go a long way in easing their troubles in the court. The council said that personal attitude can stop judges from acting fairly and this can be the downfall of an innocent person.


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